A New York State/New York City Women Owned Business Enterprise

Our ultimate measure of success is found in our ability to make our clients successful. Each client measures this in a number
of different ways. The most prevailing; especially, is our ability to support our clients in ways that further their mission by introducing improvements and/or cost savings, that enables them to do more with less.

​In the last 17 years, Protek has been successfully providing high quality IT consultant services to the public sector industry and our core team is considered industry subject matter experts as we have helped Government solve the most complex problems by transforming the way agencies manage information and as a result improves responsiveness to citizens.

​The Protek Team focuses on performance and delivery, which means delivering the best value and having projects being delivered on time and within budget.  This means conducting our business with openness, integrity, and fairness. This means exercising personal initiative, sound judgment, and ensuring that our actions are in the best interests of the client. The keys to our success are characterized by:

Understanding how our clients define the overall program goals and objectives.

Understanding the best business practices.

Knowing how to apply these practices in delivering solutions, why to introduce solutions, and when to introduce qualified
consultants that will provide value to the client.

We have closely followed the efforts of NYS and NYC to strategically deliver IT consultant services to increase efficiencies in delivering projects. We are confident that given our background, skills, business model, and vendor management capabilities that we are qualified to meet our client's business needs while delivering the best value and offerings to deliver the most qualified IT professionals in the industry.

Protek Capabilities