Healthcare Information and Management Solutions

Protek devliers innovative health systems and advanced analytics leading to better health outcomes. Our Health experts provide unrivaled information services and solutions to help customers solve complex problems for customers who are protecting our global community.

Protek participates as a collaborative resource for collecting, integrating, analyzing, sharing data, and metrics on health issues. Combining access to major health-related databases and sources with our proven integration capabilities, our team captures the most complete data sets available to produce accurate, highly reliable results. We work with our clients to help them achieve a wide range of objectives, all aimed at the larger goal of increasing operational efficiency and improving health outcomes. Our solutions and services help our clients integrate and analyze relevant data, generate useful information and results and,as needed, disseminate information to everyone authorized to receive it. Within this framework we can establish environments for close collaboration, meet required levels of security, and provide cloud-based access to applications and tools.

We provide comprehensive solutions in:

• Clinical & Bioinforamtics

•  Data Visualization

 Data Virtualization


• Prevention and Detection or Fraud and Abuse

• Large Scale Data Analysis

Electronic Health Record software for mid-size and large medical groups, hospitals and integrated healthcare organizations.

A New York State/New York City Women Owned Business Enterprise